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ENVY Post standardizes on ScheduALL

UK post-production facility ENVY Post has standardized its project booking and resource allocation processes on the ScheduALL enterprise resource management system. This enables ENVY to track and manage all video content and associated business data throughout the facility for smoother, more efficient project management and billing.

At ENVY Post, ScheduALL provides a single, unified interface that producers and librarians use to track the movement of video content throughout the operation and see real-time information, such as project scope, hours budgeted and actual hours incurred, within the work order. At any given point in the workflow, producers can view the status of the project and its location in the facility, including the editing room in use and the editors working on the project. The system also provides a quick view of all editing rooms to show which are in use, open and booked for certain dates. Through integration with QuickBooks, ScheduALL makes it easy for ENVY to import project time and expense data, based on each client's agreed-upon rate, directly into the accounting package for invoicing.

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