Ensemble Generators Power Olympics

Grass Valley, CA--Ensemble Designs has provided all of the HD and SD test signal generators and reference generators for the Athens Olympic Broadcast (AOB) group for the Olympic games.
AOB is using the 5400 Sync Pulse Generator with SD and HD outputs and a user configurable slate ID. Custom for AOB, the 5400 is equipped with a feature that adds a motion element to the test signal so that it is easy to detect if a signal is frozen upstream or if it's live. AOB is also using the 7405 HD test signal generator.
Ensemble's Avenue signal integration system is a modular system with 3RU and 1RU frames, both of which handle HD, SD and audio signals. Modules include conversion, distribution, frame synchronization, proc amps, routers, logo inserters, digital noise reducers, sync pulse generators, test signal generators, and embedders. All of these can be controlled and monitored through Ethernet or SNMP.
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