Encompass Digital Media Teams With Prime Image

LOS ANGELES: Encompass Digital Media Inc., a digital media services provider, has partnered with Prime Image, the video time management specialist, to offer its broadcast and cable TV network customers two new real-time services. Dynamic Video Time Management seamlessly reduces program editing time, and Dynamic Ad Insertion increases ad revenue during playout, all without impacting the viewer experience.

“Encompass will integrate Prime Image’s patented Time Tailor into its real-time playout workflow at our locations in the U.S., London and Singapore,” said Bill Tillson, Encompass president and chief operating officer. “With Dynamic Video Time Management, we will offer our clients a more flexible, efficient and cost effective way to frame accurately address their program workflow, program formats and clock management to meet the different market requirements around the world. With Dynamic Ad Insertion, we will enable our clients to increase ad revenue during program playout, capitalizing on last minute ratings and advertising spot sales opportunities and eliminating days or weeks of customary ad sales cutoffs prior to a program’s premiere and encore air dates.”

Prime Image’s Time Tailor technology allows a network, for example, to air 26 minutes of content in 24 minutes without using compression or speeding up the video and without compromising the integrity or synchronization of the audio, video or closed captioning of the original program or existing advertising spots.