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Enco announces content adaptive processing for Omnia audio processors

Enco, a provider of digital audio delivery systems, has introduced CAP, a content adaptive processing option for its digital audio delivery system (DAD).

CAP enables the automatic adjustment of Omnia audio processor settings to match program needs. Audio processing characteristics can be grouped in DAD’s library so that when a particular class of music, voice track, commercial or other classification appears in the on-air play list, pre-sets are made in real-time to Omnia processor settings.

CAP allows operators to match their audio processing automatically, without manual intervention, ensuring the consistent desired sound for programming. CAP eliminates compromises to audio quality introduced by accepting a single audio processor setting across an entire broadcast of varied content.

Enco’s CAP option is available now in DAD Version 5.0. CAP supports IP-connected Omnia 3, Omnia 5 and Omnia 6 series audio processors. Omnia, a Telos company, makes audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD radio and DAB, Internet, and audio production.

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