Element Technica makes rigs for all sizes

At IBC2010, Element Technica showed a pair of RED Digital Cinema Scarlet and EPIC cameras mounted on its Technica 3D rigs. The EPICs were mounted on the Technica 3D Pulsar rig, designed for midsized digital cameras, while the Scarlet cameras were shown on Element Technica’s Neutron rig, the smallest rig in the Technica 3D series.

Also on the stand was the larger-format Technica Quasar 3D rig. Quasar was introduced at IBC2009, where it stereoscopically mounted a pair of RED ONE cameras. Element Technica’s history with the RED cameras goes back to their introduction, when the company produced an array of camera accessories that allowed camera crews to use common cinema tools on the new RED cameras.

The three-rig Technica 3D series provides motion picture and broadcast production crews with the ability to mount any size digital camera on a rig that shares the same setup and operational procedures, can be configured in side-by-side and beam-splitter mode (both over/through and under/through), and can be quickly reconfigured from one mode to the other.

All three Technica 3D rigs use the same manual or stereo optimization controls, including the Sony MPE-200 and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft HHS STAN, which allows the 3-D rigs to be quickly integrated into multicamera productions. All three rigs include integrated motors and electronics for control of interocular and convergence (IO+C). New to the lineup is an integrated six-axis lens controller for both broadcast and cine-style lenses.