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Element Technica Intros Sony PMW-F3 Camera Accessories

LOS ANGELES: Element Technica has worked closely with Sony to develop a line of purpose-built accessories for Sony’s PMV-F3 Super 35 mm sensor camera, which allow the new camera to use existing motion picture camera and lens accessories. The first of these is a riser kit with a camera bottom plate for reinforcing the F3’s body and to provide a stable mounting point for other support gear. In addition, the riser kit provides rod support in the LW-15 standard to achieve compatibility with follow-focus device remote lens drive motors, matte boxes, and other rod-based accessories. It also increases the camera’s height to be compatible with all major 15 mm and 19 mm studio bridge plates from Element Technica and ARRI.

“The Sony F3 is a breakthrough for independent producers and filmmakers in terms of features, performance and price,” said Steve Hertler, Element Technica operations manager. “Element Technica F3 accessories provide the bridge to truly professional filmmaker camera and lens tools to complement this amazing camera.”

The new Element Technica riser kit is not shipping and the company plans to add more F3 accessories by the end of the year.