Electrosonic's ES7100 provides high image quality

Electrosonic’s ES7100 is a versatile encoder/decoder for streaming video over any type of IP network at highly efficient bit rates, while maintaining excellent image quality and low latency. It also provides robust protection against network errors, making it ideal for quality critical applications.

The ES7100 features switchable encode/decode operation, and its multipoint distribution can be expanded by adding additional ES7100 units to the network. In addition, any ES7100 can be upgraded to HD-SDI or 3G SDI operation.

Electrosonic’s PURE3 codec features both spatial and temporal image compression; transparent image quality enhanced by 4:4:4 sampling; and the lack of pre- and post-filtering. The PURE3 codec eliminates the management of forward error correction while still providing robust protection against network errors. The ES7100 does not require a dedicated network or a network that is forward-error protected. It supports both unicast and multicast transport protocols, and real-time network error concealment ensures reliable video quality.