Electronics Giants To Collaborate on Flash Storage Protection

MULTIPLE CITIES: Five competitors are coming together to create new technology for Flash-stored content. From their announcement: Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba announced an agreement in principle to collaborate on a new content protection technology for Flash memory media such as SD cards and various storage devices. Under the “Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative,” the five companies will start preparing for licensing and promotion of HD-capable security for SD cards and embedded memory for use in advanced consumer applications such as tablets and smartphones.

This content protection solution will be robust enough to protect HD content, the group said. A high level of content security will be realized through the use of the initiative’s technologies, including unique identification technology for flash memory and robust copy protection based on public key infrastructure.

The five companies believe this technology will enable various HD content applications such as HD network download, broadcast content to go and HD Digital Copy/Managed Copy from Blu-ray Disc2 media. With these applications, users can use HD content on a wide range of devices, including Android3-based smartphones and tablets, TVs and Blu-ray4 products.

The consortium expects to see adoption of flash memory products and various embedded flash memory solutions using this technology in the market in 2012.

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