Eimac's new three stage IOT in final testing stages

Eimac K3 MSDC IOT undergoing test

The Eimac division of CPI is currently testing the performance of its new K3 MSDC IOT. Eimac expects to have complete data in the next few weeks. The K3D130 is developing 32KW average power and measures 58 percent efficiency in uncorrected 8-VSB service on channel 21at that power level. The design is a three stage depressed collector, cooled with biodegradable oil. It operates at 34 kV. Data recorded at varying power levels and on different channels will be available at NAB2003 in early April.

The efficiency delivered by this three stage depressed collector IOT is approaching that shown by competing five stage designs. The decreased complexity should increase reliability. The K3 will add to Eimac’s line of IOT devices and power grid tubes that are already supporting television broadcasting, as well as for industrial heating, semiconductor wafer processing, radar, medical and scientific applications. All products are manufactured in San Carlos, Calif. at its ISO-9001 certified facility.

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