Egypt’s first HD channel uses RTS/Telex intercoms

With new investment in its Nile TV International channel, which first went on-air in 1994, Egyptian state television has prepared the way for the country’s first-ever broadcasts in HD quality. As part of the program, two of the channel’s studios have been completely redesigned and re-equipped employing RTS/Telex Intercom systems.

Work on the project is now in its test phase. Egyptian company System Design supplied and installed the massive intercom system, in partnership with RTS/Telex’s Egyptian partner Manial Business Center (MBC Broadcast), which helped to design the system.

Egyptian TV’s new reference studios feature a variety of intercom systems from RTS/Telex. The heart of the command center has two modular Cronus matrices — each with 32 channels. Although connected with one another and forming a logical matrix, the two devices are autonomous and capable of being operated independently.

Among the other components installed are 15 KP-32-16 and three KP-32 keypanels, a full-duplex BTR-800 wireless station and a large number of Telex TR-800-C6 beltpacks and PH-44R headsets. A TIF-2000 digital hybrid telephone line interface from RTS, which is compatible with Cronus, ADAM and Zeus matrices, is also featured.