Editec uses I-MOVIX Sprintcam for two soccer events

SIS Live, working with ITV Sport, took two of Editec's Sprintcams to Bucharest, Romania, to add ultra-motion replay facilities to the Europa League finals. Editec supplied on-site support for this prestigious event, to assist with installation and technical familiarization.

Since the I-MOVIX Sprintcam appeared in the UK, ITV Sport has been keen to use either one or two cameras on their major soccer events, dependent upon budget.

In Bucharest, soccer specialist cameraman Ben Seaman operated one of the cameras set up in the 55,600 seat National Arena. He managed to shoot up to 450fps on this job, and said that until the Sprintcam, ultra-motion would not have been considered for evening matches.

For the second season running, ESPN has used the I-MOVIX Sprintcam Vvs to shoot FA Cup promotional material at the FA Cup final. The Vvs system provided dual outputs such that the promo producer was able to clip and store replays at varying shooting speeds, all images being recorded on to a solid state flash device.

At the same time, the main OB truck — provided by SIS Live — had an EVS server recording the replay output such that the ultra-motion images could be used in the live program for analysis and montage purposes.