Edirol delivers portable audio recorder

Weighing only 6oz and about the size of an iPod, Edirol's new R-09 flash memory audio recorder handles with 24-bit uncompressed WAV file and MP3 recording. The R-09 is targeted at broadcasters and journalists recording interviews in the field.

Now shipping, the new recorder is built for professional applications and includes time-stamp capability. Source material is captured on SD memory cards (up to 2GB) at 44.1KHz or 48kHz sample rates. It performs record and playback in the MP3 format (up to 320kb/s). Once recorded, files can be monitored through the R-09's headphone jack and/or exported to a computer via USB.

The versatile new recorder offers four hours of recording time on two AA batteries. It also has a built-in stereo microphone and connector for external stereo or mono microphones.

For more information, visit www.edirol.net/products/en/R-09/index.html.