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EchoStar Announces 'SuperDish' for HDTV

EchoStar's DISH network has unveiled a new "SuperDish" that will allow its subscribers to receive up to 50 HDTV channels.

The 66-cm dish, capable of receiving satellite signals from three orbital locations will offer customers access to its regular channel lineup as well as local channels, HD channels and international programming. EchoStar has not announced pricing for the new dish, which will be available by this summer.

The company also announced that it is adding HDNet and HDNet Movies, the 24-hour HDTV services now offered by DirecTV. HDNet was formed by RealNetworks founder Mark Cuban in 2001. The new channels will only be available to subscribers using the new dish.

The new channels join EchoStar's existing HD lineup of Discovery Theater HD, HBO, Showtime, CBS and a pay-per-view movie channel.