EBU to hold loudness workshop

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is hosting a workshop to promote its new methods for preventing unwanted variation in loudness during TV and radio broadcasts. The EBU has taken a lead on this after analyzing audience complaints about sudden large variations in audio volume both within and between programs, which as well as being irritating can be dangerous to people listening through hearing aids. At IBC2010, more than 20 vendors exhibited products incorporating support for the EBU’s published metering specifications designed to minimize variations in loudness. These involve normalization techniques that allow sound output to be adjusted in real time to maintain a given level. Since the show, some broadcasters have started their own loudness projects and have asked for hands-on help from the EBU, which is being provided at a free one-day loudness workshop for broadcasters on Feb. 23. The workshop is open to all without the need for EBU membership.