Earthworks debuts 40kHz microphone

New Hampshire-based Earthworks has introduced the SR40 HD microphone. This new design offers a wealth of features, most its notably 40kHz high-frequency response, fast impulse response, short diaphragm settling time, exceptional cardioid polar pattern and high rejection of sounds from the rear of the microphone.

The new SR40 offers a frequency response of 30Hz-40kHz. Considering that very few microphones offer a frequency response above 20kHz, audio professionals will quickly notice subtleties in the sound that are simply nonexistent from conventional transducers. According to Earthworks, high-frequency overtones spring to life, enabling, for example, an acoustic guitarist’s performance to exhibit greater depth and realism. Equally significant, the SR40 offers a fast impulse response that enables the microphone to acquire fast transients more accurately. The short diaphragm setting time allows the SR40 to reveal subtle low-level nuances in sound that other microphones mask.

The SR40 also features an exceptional cardioid polar pattern, eliminating beam or spotlight effects and providing significantly more gain before feedback. This enables vocalists or instruments at the sides of the microphone (at 45 or 90 degrees) to have the same pristine sound quality as sources along the main axis. This also facilitates the use of fewer microphones with closer placement, enabling even more gain before feedback in live sound applications.

The SR40’s high SPL handling and rear rejection are noteworthy as well. With an acoustic input rating of 145dB SPL, the new mic handles such difficult assignments as close-miking high-output instruments. Similarly, its rear-rejection performance enables easier isolation of instruments in a recording or live performance setting by minimizing acoustic bleed.

The SR40 comes in a black finish, requires 48V phantom power and has an optional screw-on windscreen. Available now, the SR40 may be ordered individually or in factory-matched pairs.