DVS and Ascent Media create “virtual telecine”

DVS Digital Video and Ascent Media Group have announced a method for enhancing the HD-digital-intermediate (DI) workflow in the post production environment.

The newly installed uncompressed HDStation 2 RU disk recorder units from DVS provide multiple concurrent real-time HD in and output for Ascent’s 17TB SGI TP-9500 storage area network (SAN) system. Working with the “virtual telecine” is up to four times faster than previous systems, the companies said.

With DVS and SGI cooperation, Ascent Media Group in Burbank, has created a “virtual telecine” around their SAN system. This encompasses the entire post process including nonlinear mastering —from transfer to the final product—through real-time and concurrent execution of multiple processes.

First, the telecine scans the film and outputs digitized uncompressed HD in real-time. Then, writing directly to the SAN disk array, the “virtual telecine” captures the HD data in real time so that quality control, color correction and digital restoration can all access the material via the real-time HD-SDI I/O loop provided by DVS HDStation 2U units. This nonlinear mastering and the multiple concurrent access provide for massive operational time savings.

For more information, visit: www.4mc.com.

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