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DTS Surround Sound broadcasts live in HD

DTS has announced one of the first European HD live broadcasts into cinemas, with the Robbie Williams show, featuring high-definition video and DTS 5.1-channel surround sound. The broadcast, which took place Oct. 9, was from the Velodrom in DTS Digital Surround to nine cinema locations in England, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Croatia.

DTS was selected by and In Good Company to provide the 5.1-channel audio for the event. Euro1080 provided the high-definition satellite channel (HD2) and TANDBERG satellite decoders to the cinemas.

DTS said the event demonstrated the latest developments in digital cinema and digital broadcast technologies by delivering the highest achievable audio quality to movie theaters, and bringing movie-going fans as close an experience as possible to actually being at the concert itself.

A live 5.1-channel audio mix was created at the concert and encoded with DTS’ CAE-5 professional broadcast encoder. The DTS bit-stream was multiplexed with HD video and delivered by satellite to the remote cinema locations. DTS’ XD10 cinema media player was used to decode the signal at theaters for playback.

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