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Droid Incredible offers V Cast Apps

HTC (opens in new tab)’s Droid Incredible rolls out this week with a software update from Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab) that has its V Cast Apps preloaded. With the update, the handset becomes the first Android device with V Cast Apps access for Verizon Wireless customers.

With V Cast Apps, consumers have simplified access to mobile apps, which will be billed on their monthly account statements. This system, which streamlines the purchase of Android apps, may encourage more developers discouraged by the more complex path of creating apps for Google’s Android Market. Even so, Verizon Wireless executives have stated that V Cast Apps is not intended to go up against Android Market but simply provide another way to download apps. The process is also streamlined for end users who will pay for apps along with monthly service. There are currently approximately 100,000 Android apps, and with a more select number of apps available through the V Cast Apps store, Verizon Wireless can also work closely with developers to merchandise selected apps.