Driving HD monitoring forward with Zandar at IBC

Zandar Technologies will demonstrate its enhanced HDTV monitoring capabilities in its MultiViewer range in outside broadcast applications. The company’s booth will feature an OB vehicle scenario with multiple Predator HD MultiViewers configured across a bank of LCD monitors while in the outside exhibitions, SBP's new OB vehicle will show a working installation of the FusionPro+ and Predator HD MultiViewers inside.

The Predator HD MultiViewers (HD4, HD8, HD12 and HD16) offer HD images, driving high-resolution displays up to 1080p with auto-detect of SDI and HD-SDI signals. With a feature set including audio and video monitoring, UMD and tallies, clock display, and LAN control, the HD MultiViewers have numerous control options including the Z-Configurator layout editing software, on-screen display, GPI and ZRP remote panel. The Predator range can also output dual HD across two displays at various 50Hz resolutions using the ZdHT Zandar dual head display feature.

The modular FusionPro+ MultiViewer also supports high-definition resolutions up to 1080p. Available in either 1RU or 3RU, this fully configurable system combines multiple inputs in all common formats such as analog video, SDI, HD-SDI, DVI sources and audio all in one system. Like the Predator HD range, FusionPro+ is set up and managed using the Z-Configurator layout software with the ZdH dual head display capability available as an option.

At IBC2006, Zandar will demonstrate how the ZdH converts the MultiViewer into a wall processor, capable of driving two displays as one virtual super-screen. With the ability to display any input on either output, images can also be spanned across both displays to add further flexibility.

Z-Controller is a monitoring tool that has extensive alarm reporting and control features. With Z-Controller, an operator can simultaneously control and monitor multiple Zandar MultiViewer units as one wall. All settings (alarm configuration, layout, audio) for each MultiViewer within a predefined group can be changed at the click of a button. The Z-Controller also visually indicates faults to the operator and allows for SNMP reporting and event logging.

For further information about MultiViewer products, visit www.zandar.com.