Drawmer introduces 1968me two-channel JFET tube compressor

The Drawmer 1968ME dual-channel JFET tube compressor is a 1U, two-channel compressor. It uses a JFET/tube combination design, voltage-controlled resistor design, and dual JFET compressors with variable threshold, attack and release.

Both channels of the 1968 have a toggle switch which controls the unit's detector-stage high-pass filter. Other front panel features include: dual mono or true stereolink operation; side chain access and listen capability. VU metering of gain reduction and output; switchable +10dB VU re-scale mode for working at hot output levels; red VU 'almost clipping' warning light; and balanced +4dB XLR I/O is also available.

For more information visit www.transaudiogroup.com.

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