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Dome Productions installs Calrec Sigma console in new HD truck

Dome Productions has installed a 64-fader Calrec Audio Sigma console with Bluefin high-density signal processing (HDSP) in its newest HD truck, Echo.

The 53ft trailer was designed for lean, stand-alone operation that delivers a big production feel on frontline shows, including NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball.

The new Sigma is Dome's eighth Calrec audio console. In January, Dome took delivery of a 56-fader Calrec Omega desk with an expanded 240-channel Bluefin HDSP card. Installed in a refurbished production truck, it went on to be used at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Calrec's signature Bluefin HDSP packs all of the necessary computing power onto a single card, which saves space and electricity. The Sigma with Bluefin incorporates 320 channel processing paths that can be configured for as many as 52 full surround channels and offers as much as 19.6 minutes of audio delay (made up of 432 elements) that can be inserted in signal paths to fix video synchronization problems.