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Dolby unveils low-cost 3-D kids’ glasses for movie theaters

Dolby Laboratories has released a new model of passive 3-D glasses for kids that include multilayer optical film lenses from 3M and cost around $12. The new kid-friendly green glasses provide the same lightweight, reusable design as the adult model, but are sized to fit children.

The eco-friendly glasses are compatible with Dolby 3-D systems currently installed across the United States and are equipped with Sensormatic and RFID tags for inventory tracking and management. The glasses are available at a list price of $12 or less when purchased with a Dolby 3-D bundle.

The glasses can withstand the rigors of many wash cycles and can be reused hundreds of times. Because they are reusable, the per-ticket cost of Dolby 3-D kids glasses can be well below the cost of disposable 3-D glasses.

Exhibitors interested in learning more about Dolby 3-D should contact their nearest Dolby reseller or Dolby sales office, or send an e-mail.