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DK-Technologies to show software updates at AES

Danish manufacturer DK-Technologies will show its new 5.1 software upgrades for the MSD Series of audio meters (MSD600M++, PT0600M, PT0660M and PT0660M-LS) in Booth 319 at AES San Francisco. The company will also be showing its new MSD100C loudness meter and the PT0760M multichannel waveform monitor, which includes an audio meter that allows both HD and SD audio to be de-embedded. This new unit will soon have the ability to decode Dolby E embedded audio.

The new MSD Series software includes a new StarFish display that allows users to see what they are hearing when they are listening in surround sound. Based on the company’s JellyFish display, StarFish represents a leap forward in the 5.1 domain by displaying an image of the acoustic audio levels as they are experienced by the listener. This information is given alongside the images already provided by JellyFish, which shows audio levels supplied to the center, left/right and left/right rear speakers. The new software also includes ITU loudness measuring methods that provide new additions to the LEQ (m) and Flat Filtering methods.

With this new software, SMPTE time code can be displayed directly on the main display. This feature supports the direct spooling of the audio to the desired position in the recording. By using the dual ballistics of the PPM, the engineer can simultaneously monitor the correct level on a conventional audio scale while ensuring that the level does not exceed the margins decided by the digital signal. DK-Technologies’ new software also includes the BLITS 5.1 surround-sound test tone sequence, developed to provide a source ident tone sequence for BSkyB’s HDTV broadcasts with associated 5.1 surround sound.

Finally, for automatic logging of the audio signal, the software update includes DK-LevelRead, a program that reads the levels from the audio meter and stores the measurements on a PC, together with the accompanying time code. The measured values are used to determine and display the maximum levels. Alarms originated by high levels or missing signal are detected and marked on the readings for easy identification.

All new audio meters from DK-Technologies will be delivered with the new software, while an update package is available for existing users.

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