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Discreet reports significant boost in HD production

Discreet, the Montreal-based developer of systems and tools for visual effects and post-production, reports that its top clients have seen a significant rise in high-definition production over the past year.

Discreet’s fire has been hot with TV producers who are increasingly posting and finishing their shows in high-definition resolutions.

Discreet said its top 20 HD clients worldwide have produced over a thousand hours of primetime HD programming over the past 12 months. The work was completed for more than 80 different episodic and long-form HD productions, the company said.

“We have seen an incredible surge in demand for HD post over the past year,” said Barbara Marshall of Hollywood’s Encore Video. The post house’s primetime HD productions on Discreet’s online systems include “Six Feet Under”, “Jag”, “Alias”, “American Dreams”, “Everwood”, “Boomtown”, “Hidden Hills” and “Judging Amy”.

At Matchframe in Burbank, HD post has also increased. “High-definition finishing gives independent film producers and directors an economical medium to create high-resolution media that is film-out ready,” said Matchframe’s Jon Van Wye. “I can do titling and final comps seamlessly during the online, allowing for faster turnaround time between assembly and delivery of our weekly shows.”

HD productions are being ordered by all the major networks, with content ranging from full programs to promos. “The real advantage for HDTV episodic production, which is driven by extremely tight deadlines, is its ability to do this level of high-resolution design work interactively and generate high quality - not just proxy - results extremely fast,” said Maurice Patel, product marketing manager at Discreet.

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