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Disc War on Front Line at DisplaySearch Confab

A panel session sponsored by industry analyst DisplaySearch featuring company execs from both camps in HD’s disc war will examine the “Next Gen DVD Hardware Outlook” next month.

The panel (and other conference events) will feature the latest evaluations and presentations of Blu-ray Disc key proponent Sony and HD DVD key proponent Toshiba, as well as other supporters from both sides in the disc battle. The agenda includes prospects for both incompatible formats in the months ahead, and for long-term, according to a statement from DisplaySearch.

“With [HD] players now in their third generation, prices dropping rapidly and the format battle deepening, understanding the current and future competitive situation for playback hardware is essential for assessing this market’s potential,” said DisplaySearch HD Market Director Paul Erickson.

The DisplaySearch 2007 HDTV Conference will be held at Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles on Oct. 10-11. Registration is required. It will mark the fifth year of the annual meeting.