DirecTV, TiVo to Test Starz Subscription VOD Service

DirecTV's Starz Encore Group and TiVo Inc. plan to test a subscription VOD service over DBS and digital video recorders (DVR). The test will explore technical and marketing issues from software development and on-screen navigation to marketing tactics.

The companies will start testing the Starz On Demand SVOD service this summer. DirecTV customers with a DirecTV Receiver with TiVo technology who subscribe to the Starz Super Pak movie service will have access to a selection of feature films automatically delivered by satellite to their receivers. SVOD lets consumers pay a flat fee and choose from a menu of on-demand video programming for viewing at any time, which can be controlled with DVD functionality through the TiVo DVRs. During the test, consumers with the equipment will receive the SVOD service for free if they subscribe to the Super Pak.

TiVo developed the technology that enables delivering the movies through the DirecTV Receiver with TiVo gear. The current combined setup allows consumers to personalize their entertainment by using TiVo to find, schedule and record programming from the more than 225 DirecTV channels on a hard drive.