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DirecTV Offers to Help Out, Cash in On Voom Woes

It's DirecTV to the rescue! Voom HD satellite customers, who will lose their service this weekend because Cablevision dumped the premium service following that long family feud, has a friend, of sorts, in the form of another DBS firm. Or, as the company says in its own statement: "Voom customers, despairing over the loss of their HD service, which goes dark at the end of this month, have been thrown a lifeline by DirecTV."

DirecTV is offering a $200 mail-in rebate for its HD equipment for Voom subs who will be without service when Voom ceases operation at the stroke of midnight (EDT) on May 1. To qualify, Voom customers must buy a DirecTV HD System before June 30 and sign up to subscribe to a Total Choice program package for one year. Former Voom subs would then get three months of free HD programming.

Former Voomers could get a DirecTV HD system installed for about $100--after a $200 mail-in rebate--or they could apply the rebate toward the purchase of a DirecTV HD DVR. Current Voom subs are being directed to
DirecTV's Web site (opens in new tab) for more details and the necessary forms.