Digidesign surpasses 2200 ICON systems worldwide

Since its debut in May 2004, the Digidesign ICON integrated console has met great success within the music and post-production industries, primarily because of its deep integration of the popular Pro Tools HD system. The large-format D-Control and medium-format D-Command versions have been adopted by audio professionals worldwide, with a total of 2200 desks delivered to commercial music studios, post-production facilities, broadcasters and media training institutions worldwide.

Among the prestigious studios investing in the ICON is London’s renowned Pinewood Studios Group, which received the 2000th ICON back in July, the third to be installed at its Shepperton Studios site. Pinewood’s history is steeped in more than 70 years of productions, including classics such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Oliver Twist,” and nearly every James Bond film, including last year’s “Casino Royale.”

Leading professional audio retailers have also recognized the demand for Icon systems. “Pretty much every major broadcaster has taken delivery of an ICON from us in the last three years,” acknowledges Ken Patnaude, Pro Tools and ICON specialist at Dale Pro Audio, one of New York’s largest professional audio dealerships. “Professionals are clearly making up their minds to adopt it as the way forward. If you watch television, you’re probably listening to a Digidesign ICON system.”

The fast adoption of the Digidesign ICON system into professional circles has sparked a growing need for qualified ICON engineers. As a result, leading audio education institutions, including Full Sail and the L.A. Recording School, are integrating ICON training into their curricula.

For more information, visit www.digidesign.com/icon.