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Delatre feeds match data to the world

Italian analytical software company deltatre is managing live match data gathering and player tracking information for the South African World Cup. Its MaTRICS sport result platform provides official statistics and drives live outputs for TV graphics, stadium video board graphics and commentator information systems.

“Matches and competition data are seamlessly integrated into (Stereo-d3D), our HD graphic engine, to provide real-time, 3-D, multilanguage graphics outputs for live and post production,” according to deltatre.

Stadium video boards are fed with graphic captions as well as a fully automated running order that includes sponsor video clips and playout of a live video feed. All commentators are aided by extensive, relevant statistical data presented in an intuitive, rich information channel.

The data is also used to feed the Web for online updates on sites like and to supply mobile alerts. Pulse, deltatre’s social platform for sport websites, connects users through key social networks.