Dealing with the DTV delay will be a challenge

Last week, the FCC denied requests from 123 stations to authorize termination of analog TV transmission Feb. 17.

While the commission gave these stations the chance to get off the list if they certify they meet several detailed conditions, it seemed like a lot to do in a very short time. “Sound Off” wanted to talk to a typical station on this list to find out how it planned to respond.

WIBW-TV, the Gray Television-owned station in Topeka, KS, seemed typical enough. A call to the station’s chief engineer revealed that its analog transmitter is on life support and the station questions whether it can even continue transmitting an analog signal until mid-June.

Given the circumstances, a conversation with Jim Ogle, VP and general manager of WIBW, about the commission’s decision and how the station plans to proceed, appeared to be right on track.