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‘Da Vinci’ Ties in ‘Angels’ on Blu-ray

As an added incentive for HD viewers to make the next “industry transition” to Blu-ray, studios are coming up with some creative marketing themes to push product. Among them is a chance to see an extended scene of “Angels & Demons” by purchasing a Blu-ray version of “The Da Vinci Code.”

Angels is not a sequel to Da Vinci, but features the same main character in the Dan Brown novels played by Tom Hanks. (In print form, Angels was also published prior to Da Vinci.)

The included “Angels & Demons” footage (about five minutes worth) will be shipped to retailers incorporated within the April 28 Da Vinci Blu-ray disc. Angels opens in theaters May 15.

Sony Pictures also plans to include nearly 30 minutes of Da Vinci footage cut from the theater version of the Ron Howard film—along with a $10 coupon to see Angels.

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