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Czech and Austrian Companies Deploy Accom Technologies

Czech Television recently installed the Abekas Dveous/MX in its Prague studio. The new studio will be used for live cultural programming as well as film and television projects for Czech TV.

Accom--based in Menlo Park, Calif.--debuted its Dveous/MX video effects system at IBC2004, along with several other products in its Accom and Abacus product lines.

The Abekas 6000 production server provides frame-accurate editing on up to eight record/playback channels in SD and up to four HD channels.

The APR ClipStore captures, stores and plays uncompressed 10-bit video, key and audio clips.

Austrian-based Prime Cine installed the Accom WSD/HDi digital disk recorder. The 3D specialists launched HD 3D office cinema, designed to provide industrial and scientific customers the ability to create 3D presentations. WSD/HDi captures uncompressed video content and performs real-time playback.