Custom cabling upgrade supports Tropicana Casino’s A/V requirements

The showroom at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, NJ, is getting an upgrade to its A/V systems. The venue is outfitted with extensive Wireworks equipment, including proprietary hardware products, a fully modular snake system, 76 channels of audio split to two stage monitor mixing locations and a front-of-house mixing location and various modular fanouts and extension cables. The central splitter box was customized by Wireworks specifically for the requirements of Tropicana’s diverse performances, providing terminations for a fully redundant set of subsnakes.

A custom breakout panel was also designed by Wireworks to accommodate visiting TV/broadcast trucks to capture the performances first hand. All 76 audio channels are terminated to this panel, each with its own ground lift switch, enabling truck engineers to plug their fanouts directly to the in-house channels. The full redundancy of the snake system allows subsnakes to be semipermanently wired to set pieces and band risers used in long-running production shows, because there are replacements for all subsnakes available for visiting headliner performances.

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