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CSTV Networks Implements Broadway Systems’ Sales Planning And Proposal Software

Broadway Systems, a leading provider of media management solutions for cable networks, has announced that CSTV Networks has implemented Broadway’s integrated sales planning and proposal software.

CSTV launched in 2003 using Broadway Systems’ Traffic and Billing software. As the demand for CSTV’s advertising has grown, so has the complexity of its advertising sales operation. The implementation of Broadway’s Sales Planning & Proposal software enables CSTV to manage its business on a single integrated platform and end-to-end process.

“This installation provides a prime example of Broadway’s ability to work with a rising cable network,” said Broadway Systems’ president John Sorensen. “CSTV launched their network using T&B and added our integrated sales and planning capabilities over the course of one weekend. They worked off the existing contract, with one support team, on one integrated database, using one set of code. CSTV didn’t have to deal with the complications typical of disparate systems or multi-vendor environments."

Broadway Systems provides a cost effective alternative for growing cable networks, particularly over the long term. Networks can launch with traffic and billing and take advantage of integrated sales and planning or stewardship capabilities when needed. Broadway’s team can also customize the software to address network specific needs.

“Broadway was able to satisfy CSTV’s requirements, such as alternative logs to accommodate live sporting events, with the existing software,” added Sorensen. “With that said, networks always have some unique need, and our ability to quickly and cost effectively meet those requirements was important to CSTV’s management.”

Broadway’s Sales Planning and Proposal software helps networks to better serve their advertiser and agency clients while maximizing inventory yields and team productivity. Sample functionality of the software includes:

  • The software supports complex sales packages incorporating multiple networks, mirrors, kits, sponsorships, vignettes, billboards and other types of avails. This includes the ability to track these packages from sales through to billing.
  • The system operates off a common database, making realtime inventory data available during plan or flowchart manipulations. This provides the ability to see the impact on available inventory at the time of order.
  • A highly flexible and user configurable rules-based workflow management engine enables the network to manage deals during the flight, including multiple approval points with full audits of all changes made.
  • Brand allocations can be accomplished at any point in the work cycle as brand allocation functions are integrated in the Planning and Order Modules.
  • There is the ability to build rate cards using Nielsen Building Blocks or to import rate cards from Excel. Ability to store unlimited versions of a rate card and to compare multiple rate card revisions.
  • Industry-standard EDI functionality is included. Various agency initiatives, related to spot data exchange, are also available.

Broadway Systems will be attending NAB2007 in April and will be located at Booth N4131.