CSP Picks Utah Scientific for HD Retrofit

Utah Scientific has announced that CSP Mobile Productions is adding HD capability to its fleet of trucks and has purchased four of Utah routing switchers as part of the initiative. CSP acquired two Utah-400/288 video routers and two Utah-400 AES audio routing systems for its trucks, with the first unit deployed last October and the second scheduled for service this February.

“Like Utah Scientific, we are a small company dedicated to personalized customer service,” said Len Chase, president of CSP Mobile Productions. “We don't let our clients down, and that means we need equipment that's reliable and highly functional in the demanding mobile production environment. We already have Utah Scientific routers in our two SDI trucks, and they have been great for us and our clients.”

CSP Mobile Productions is based in Saco, Maine and integrated its first high-definition vehicle in house. The second unit is being readied for HD work by Little Bay Broadcast Services in Barrington, N.H.