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Crystal Sky Pictures puts Fujinon lenses through the paces during 'Tekken' shoot

Crystal Sky Pictures, which just wrapped shooting “Tekken,” a new feature film based on a popular video game, used several Fujinon Cine-Style lenses on the project.

The production company relied on the Fujinon HA42X13.5BERD Super Telephoto ENG-style, HAc15X7.3B Compact High Performance Cine Zoom and HAc13X4.5B Compact Cine-Style Super Wide-Angle zoom lenses mounted on Sony F23 cameras.

Digital imaging director and second unit director of photography Sean Fairburn recommended Fujinon lenses for the shoot because they offer several focal lengths and good handheld and user control at both the operator and engineer’s end.

The lenses proved to be particularly durable. During one of the film’s more dramatic fight sequences, the storyline called for one character to leap from a high platform down onto another actor. To achieve the shot, Fairburn handed the camera to one of the actors to capture his point of view as he flew down from his position. “We hooked him up to a harness, handed him the camera and he was able to get the shot in one take,” Fairburn said.

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