Crossings Community Church uses Clear-Com

Crossings Community Church of Oklahoma City, OK, has chosen a new intercom system by Clear-Com. The church serves 4000-plus members in three services with music provided by a 120-piece chorus and a full orchestra.

The CellCom10 digital wireless system provides the church staff with unlimited access to roam around the 290,000sq-ft facility while staying closely connected.

For an average service, Crossings Community Church uses up to seven wired and three wireless belt packs. For special productions, it can use up to 12 or 13 wired in conjunction with the three wireless units.

CellCom10, with upgraded version 1.5.7 software, offers new features and functionality including vibration alerts, which allows the user to be notified when the headset is removed from the ear, as well as a remote battery monitoring display and remote microphone kill control, both of which are available from the base station.

Special configuration software allows for individual labeling of the user’s belt packs and the creation of communication routes and conference groups, which is designed to make belt pack configuration easier for on-the-fly operations and to enhance connectivity with party-line.

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