Crosscreek TV launches Voyager 10

Crosscreek Television Productions, Alabaster, AL, has installed a Calrec 64-fader Artemis Beam console in Voyager 10, its newest OB truck. While the OB company has other Calrec consoles in its fleet, Voyager 10 is the first to be equipped with Calrec's Bluefin2 HDSP technology. The Artemis console with Bluefin2 enabled Crosscreek to build a lighter, denser truck without sacrificing performance.

The Artemis console inside the 53ft HD expando truck is equipped not only with Bluefin2 technology, but also Calrec's Hydra2 integrated audio networking and routing. This means all I/O is handled by Hydra2 using a variety of analog, AES digital and MADI I/O units. The two technologies together give the console 340 fully featured DSP channels, 128 program busses, 64 interruptible feedback (IFB)/track outputs, 32 auxiliaries and a high-capacity 8192² crosspoint router.

Voyager 10 is destined mostly for sporting events, including college sports in the Atlantic Coast Conference, TNA Wrestling and engagements for ESPN. The truck was designed to accommodate events with intensive audio specs that require several different mixes and sub-mixes.

Like Crosscreek's Voyager 9 OB truck, the system inside Voyager 10, was integrated by Beck Associates.