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CP Comms Taps Vislink to Cover the World Baseball Classic

CP Communications has selected Vislink’s LINK L1500 wireless camera system for SD and HD to cover the World Baseball Classic competition with one pair of RF systems as the games move from Puerto Rico to Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles.

CP Communications is using Sony HDC 1500 high-definition cameras fitted with Link L1500s operating at 7 Ghz for HD coverage of the World Baseball Classic.

CP Communications is providing RF equipment to the host broadcaster MLB and ESPN, and is using Sony HDC 1500 high-definition cameras fitted with Link 2 GHz RF modules, which can be changed to 7 GHz as needed during the competition.

“We chose LINK for its reliability and familiarity in the sports world,” says CP Communications Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kurt Heitmann. Heitmann is also president of Total RF Productions. “When we show up with a LINK system, there’s no rolling of eyes—it’s becoming the standard system requested for RF work in HD.”

CP Communications are currently operating their RF cameras at 2 GHz in Puerto Rico. For the next round of the competition, the crew will charter a plane and fly to Miami where they will use 2 GHz again. Then in San Diego and Los Angeles, they will swap modules to use the same systems at 7 GHz.