Contactless COVID-19 Compliance Service Now Available for Productions

(Image credit: The Bench)

LOS ANGELES—As productions return to set and attempt to keep cast and crew safe from COVID-19, The Bench production agency and tech startup Tapple have collaborated on a contactless COVID Compliance service.

In order to adhere to the safety guidelines outlined in Appendix J for required precautions on-set from Los Angeles County, a COVID-19 compliance officer (CCO) has become a new role on nearly all productions. However, as The Bench’s Regional Director Sophia Patten learned, there can be a lack of resources for health screening and contact tracing during CCO training.

Patten called Tapple the “missing link” in its offering for on-set compliance. Specifically, Tapple’s Touchless Health Screener is a mobile health waiver that can be accessed through QR codes with end-to-end data encryption. This unique verification system helps ensure contact tracing can be done quickly if someone on set should become ill, per The Bench.

Additional duties from The Bench CCOs include the performance of daily health screenings; wiping down high touch surfaces throughout the day; planning one directional foot traffic; sanitizing gear; providing new face mask every three hours; assuring proper site ventilation; marking safe distancing between talent, directors and cameras; establishing proper hand washing/sanitizing stations; data management for contact tracing; and proactively communicating safety guidelines.

The Bench offers certified CCOs in every region of the U.S.

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