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Commission publishes final DTV assignment table

The FCC released a new DTV Table Aug. 6 providing television stations across the country with their final channel assignments for broadcasting following the DTV transition Feb. 17, 2009.

The new DTV Table specifies channels for more than 1800 stations. The table is based on the tentative channel designations (TCDs) proposed in the Seventh Further Notice for eligible television stations, which, in turn, resulted from the channels that stations selected during the channel election process.

The adoption of the new DTV Table finalizes the single channel on which each eligible broadcaster will operate in digital post transition and reduces the amount of spectrum used for television service.

The new core spectrum for TV broadcast channels is channels 2 through 51. Channels 52 through 69 will be reclaimed for public safety and advanced wireless services.

The commission also has issued the Eighth Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, “In the Matter of Advanced Television Systems and Their Impact Upon the Existing Television Broadcast Service,” which proposes channels and station modifications for 13 stations whose requests for modifications were received too late to be included in the new DTV Table. The FCC will assign channels for these stations following the comment period.

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