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Feature: Metadata-driven workflows Field Report: Panasonic AG-HPX600 P2 under goes field test Field Report: Taylor Swift relies on Shure’s Axient for the Grammys

Exclusive articles and enhanced content are found only in the Digital Edition of Broadcast Engineering magazine. The August issue, due out next week, will include these three exclusive articles and more:

Creating metadata-driven workflows sounds easy, but closer inspection reveals complex and interlocking processes. One key to success is being able to translate metadata between differing standards, which just happens to be a well-established function with IT-based SOA. Find out more in our August Digital Edition.

Look inside this high-performance camera with Broadcast Engineering’s camera and lens guru, Steve Mullen. Says the author, “After working with Panasonic’s AG-HPX600 P2 camcorder, one word defines the product for me: expandability." Learn more about the camera’s features and performance in the August Digital Edition.

Learn how the RF coordinator for this year’s Grammys relied on Shure’s Axient wireless microphone platform to support Taylor Swift’s opening act. Because this was a big production number for the Grammys, and Swift relies on her own "blinged-out" transmitter, there was no room for mistakes or hiccups. Go backstage with Soundtronics Wireless engineer Dave Bellamy in the August Digital Edition.

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