Comigo and Broadpeak Team Up for Multiscreen Video Services

RENNES, FRANCE & YARKONA, ISRAEL – Comigo and Broadpeak have announced they will combine on an integration that allows IPTV operators to deliver live TV services to TVs, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, as well as deliver personalized content, advanced social capabilities and content-related interactive apps by combining Comigo’s Android-based set-top box and Broadpeak’s nanoCDN technology.

The TV platform from Comigo, who is based in Israel, is a flexible, cloud-based platform that allows operators to manage and control the TV experience on any screen. This gives operators the ability to provide personalized content recommendations, content-related applications and other features that increase interactivity and engagement. Comigo’s Android-based STB is a complementary part of the platform.

Broadpeak, the French-based manufacturer of video delivery components, then uses home network devices like STB’s to connect with its nanoCDN technology to make them an extension of the CDN. With the multicast capability of the networks, nanoCDN provides an improved quality of experience for live video services.