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Comcast to offer HD VOD from HBO

Comcast said it is the first cabler in the United States to offer HBO HD content on a VOD basis to its (and HBO's) subscribers. Comcast has chosen to put most of its HD eggs in its On Demand basket in recent years — using HD VOD "choices" to counter-market the greater number of actual HD "channels" currently deployed by DBS competitors DirecTV and Dish Network, as well as a few fellow cablers.

Much of HBO's proprietary programming of series and TV movies is original — and often garners the most Emmy Awards from among all networks each year. This marks the first time that much of its content (HD or otherwise) will be available on a regular VOD basis from the same source. Only HBO subs are eligible to receive the VOD HD (providing, of course, that Comcast itself is readily available in a given market).

Comcast's HBO "On Demand" service includes the pay-TV channel's current (i.e., "True Blood") and older original series (i.e., "The Sopranos,"), along with recent movie blockbusters (i.e., "The Dark Knight," "Mama Mia!"), original documentaries, family fare, and some sports.