Comcast Spotlight Introduces Instant IMPACT for Local TV Ads

NEW YORK—Comcast Spotlight has launched a new product that it says will offer greater accountability to local TV advertising, the Instant IMPACT. Powered by TVSquared, Instant IMPACT is an attribution system allows for the tracking of TV ad campaign, including its digital activity.

What makes this a key device for local stations is its ability to measure lower-funnel activity.

“We are able to offer our clients an attribution tool that works on the local level and is also automated—therefore scalable across the thousands of local advertisers who place campaigns with Comcast Spotlight,” said Andrea Zapata, vice president of research and insights for Comcast Spotlight.

Instant IMPACT works with Comcast Spotlight placing a pixel on a client’s website to track its web traffic. A baseline of the website’s traffic is established before a TV ad campaign airs. Then when the ad starts, Instant IMPACT monitors visits to the site within 30 minutes of an airing on linear TV for the length of the campaign. Once the campaign is complete, the timing of incremental visitors to the client’s website is correlated to TV activity. Customers also have access to a custom dashboard to filter the data by zones, creative, weekday or daypart.

The data is measured by TVSquared’s ADvantage analytics platform. This data is then analyzed to create optimized schedules.