Comcast SportsNet to produce HD sports with Chyron Duet

Duet HD is a two-channel system that offers high quality character generation and HDTV animation in a 6 RU box.

Adding to the increasing availability of original, high-definition programming on digital cable TV, Comcast and AT&T's SportsNet, a Philadelphia and Baltimore/Washington D.C. regional sports television network, has committed to televising more than 200 professional sporting events this year in the 1080i HD format to cover its local NBA, NHL and MLB teams.

Comcast will use a new digital mobile production truck that will make extensive use of Chyron's Duet HD 2D/3D graphics and animation system to cover the games in widescreen HDTV.

Bob Ayars, vice president of operations, Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, said the Duet system was chosen because it complements the types of productions they have planned for the new HD mobile unit. "The [Duet's] 2D/3D capability is a big plus that will help us make the transition from our standard definition game look into the 1080i world," he said.

With a choice of 1080i and 720p outputs, the Duet HD features two 2D/3D video graphics engines, a five-Layer HD Mix/Effects Board, CAL API for automated data-driven applications such as Chyron's NewsCrawl; and a number of options that include a MOS interface for remote machine control and Lyric authoring software.

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