Comcast, Samsung, Ucentric Conduct Multi-TV DVR Trial

Comcast Corporation, Samsung Electronics and Ucentric Systems have planned a joint field trial of Multi-TV DVR, which extends DVR capabilities to TVs throughout the home. Samsung's digital set top boxes will use Ucentric's DVR and home media networking software to deliver new services, including a Multi-TV DVR system. The trial is scheduled to begin mid-2003 with a limited number of Philadelphia-based Comcast customers.

TV viewers in the trial program will be able to select and control individual video recordings from a single in-home recording library shared among multiple TV sets. Consumers can also pause a program in one room and pick it up at the same scene on a TV in another room.

Ucentric software also affords MSO's the ability to offer additional features to the TV, including a music jukebox and photo album. The system uses IP-based "thin" network media clients and the Ucentric software enables the sharing of hard drives, tuners and other resources among connected TVs.