Comcast Media Center provides network origination and transmission services for NHL Network

The Comcast Media Center (CMC), based in Denver, CO, is now providing channel origination and transmission services for the 24-hour NHL Network.

NHL Network’s new facility at the CMC uses the latest technology to support the network’s HD and SD broadcasts, including multiple live events. Designed to deliver programming in the highest-quality video, the new control room also features advanced graphics and live ticker capabilities.

Through its affiliation with national and regional sports television networks, CMC already plays a major role in coordinating the delivery of NHL games from their local venues to TV homes across the U.S. and Canada, according to Peter Del Giacco, NHL chief technology officer.

For nearly 20 years, the CMC has provided content services across multiple platforms for customers worldwide. The CMC currently originates more than 20,000 HD, SD, and 3-D live and recorded events a year for its customers, including out-of-market pay-per-view sports packages, and recently managed more than 100 events in a single 24-hour period. Its live event capabilities include live commercial insertion, client graphic creation and manipulation, branding, facilitation between remote sites, one-on-one coverage and monitoring, and time-delayed and/or immediate replay of live media.