Comcast Media Center and Motorola Release Headend Management System

Comcast Media Center and Motorola have released on updated version of a headend management system (HMS) that will allow HITS Quantum cable affiliates to provide advanced cable services including video on demand and interactive video. The enhancements in the new HMS will provide affiliates a turnkey alternative for providing advanced video services to customers and also provide savings in bandwidth and system costs.

“We recognize that many cable operators, particularly those serving smaller markets, need a highly cost effective solution for offering a competitive lineup of services to their customers,” stated Gary Traver, senior vice president and COO for the Comcast Media Center. “This means they need to be able to build upon their existing capital investments and minimize their equipment and maintenance costs, the guideposts for the HMS solution from the CMC and Motorola.”

The improved system is designed to support future applications and devices and provides set-top addressability via an IP VPN connection to local digital headends.