Comcast inserts digital ads with nCUBE

Comcast has selected nCUBE’s Digital Advertising Insertion System for use in its Hartford, Conn., market.

John Bordeleau, vice president and general manager, Comcast Ad Sales, Hartford, said that nCUBE was able to offer his company a single platform to manage both digital and analog ad insertion, allowing them to grow revenues as the cable company moves into digital operation at the headend facility.

nCUBE said its technology is involved with 80 percent of all digital channels operating worldwide and more than 15,000 analog channels, including 68 ad insertion deployments in such major metropolitan markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and the combined markets of Buffalo, NY, and Cleveland among others. Last September, Comcast Advertising Sales also added Miami to its list of markets served by nCUBE.

nCUBE video servers and related technology help to simplify the deployment of on-demand content and digital ad insertion systems with a comprehensive set of on-demand management and technical business tools. The company said its server architecture is scalable to deliver up to 53,000 simultaneous streams from a single site.

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